What is Guaifenesin?

Hard to pronounce.

Harder on mucus.

It’s what makes Mucinex so effective for getting rid of mucus.


Let’s clear things up:

What is Guaifenesin?

Guaifenesin (say it with us: gwai-feh-nuh-sn) is the effective ingredient that makes Mucinex do the work. Unlike suppressants, which are designed to block your cough but not necessarily get rid of mucus, Guaifenesin is an expectorant. It thins and loosens mucus so you can naturally expel it when you cough, comfortably clearing up your chest and airways.

For chest, cough, cold, flu & sinus*.

Get it out of your system.

Guaifenesin is effective at relieving chest congestion and wet cough due to the common cold AKA that irritating tightness or “blocked up” feeling due to build up of mucus. This happens when excess mucus accumulate in the lungs because the mucus membrane goes into overdrive due to a viral infection. Guaifenesin acts by loosening mucus in the airways and making coughs more productive.

Help fight cold and flu symptoms with the power of Mucinex® Multi-Action® containing Guaifenesin and other active ingredients*.

*Mucinex® Multi-Action® temporarily controls coughs.

So which one do I choose?

For 12-hours relief with just one tablet:

Mucinex® Chest Congestion 600 mg

- Relieves congestion and loosens mucus

- Bi-layer technology for immediate + extended release

For cold, sinus and headache relief, fight back with the power of

Mucinex® Multi-Action® Cold & Sinus

- Non-drowsy treatment for chest and nasal congestion due to the common colds as well as sinus pressure

- Relieves headaches and minor aches

For all cold & flu symptoms with just one dose*:

Mucinex® Multi-Action® Cold, Flu & Sore Throat

- Non-drowsy relief for sore throats and painful coughs as well as chest congestion

- Fights fever and minor aches

*Temporarily relieves symptoms of nasal and chest congestion due to common cold; fever; minor aches and pains; sore throat pain; cough sinus pressure.

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